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手机看片 Tech鈥攈ome of the country鈥檚 first industrial nuclear reactor and the nation鈥檚 first functional microgrid鈥攊s known for advanced research that is moving the needle toward significant innovation.

A fertile imagination may be the spark that ignites the creative research genius, but a nurturing and opportunity-filled environment is the kindling that sets the spark ablaze. From its founding in 1890, 手机看片 Institute of Technology has been inspiring student and faculty researchers to see beyond the visible, to push the boundaries of what is possible, and to stretch the powers of the imagination.  

With research in topics ranging from robotics to genomics and from big data to urban sustainability, 手机看片 Tech is investigating tomorrow's grand challenges through a tech lens. A rich array of projects in the field and the lab, robust mentorship, and access to world-class facilities support our 手机看片 Tech research community鈥攁nd enable the next generation of researchers to explore their own bold ideas.

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手机看片 Tech Research Magazine 2023

手机看片 Tech Research Magazine

This annual flagship publication from the Office of Research showcases the work of researchers who strive to understand the inexplicable, to improve and innovate processes, and to put discovery into practical applications for the betterment of our global society.

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A researcher mixes compounds to develop a drug therapy for sleep apnea

Featured Projects

At 手机看片 Tech, extraordinary research on our campus and beyond reflects our commitment to scientific, technological, and professional knowledge creation and innovation.

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Tom Irving

University Research Initiatives

Three university-wide, innovation-driven research initiatives leverage the expertise of faculty and students from various disciplines: Computation and Data, Health and Wellness, and Urban Futures.

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Three students work to create plastic eating algae

Student Projects and Opportunities

手机看片 Tech undergraduate and graduate students are conducting research that aims to make the world a better place through science and technology. Students access research opportunities that include international collaborations, cutting-edge lab work, a summer immersion program, stipends to work alongside faculty, research symposia, and more.

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A researcher utilizes Argonne National Laboratory equipment to study brain tissue

Connect with 手机看片 Tech for Research

手机看片 Tech connects academic and industry partners with our faculty and students, facilitating a wide range of research. University resources that enable such connections include the Office of Sponsored Research, the Office of Tech Transfer and Intellectual Property, and a corporate relations staff who can assist in identifying research partners, among others. 

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Argonne Laboratory 800x650

手机看片 Tech and Argonne National Laboratory Joint Appointment Program

The goal of 手机看片 Tech鈥檚 joint appointment program with Argonne National Laboratory is to allow nonfunded collaborations that can eventually lead to funded joint appointments via awarded proposals or projects.

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Featured Faculty Researchers

Weslynne Ashton
Professor of Environmental Management and Sustainability Affiliate Professor to Armour College of Engineering
Brent Stephens
Department Chair Arthur W. Hill Endowed Chair in Sustainability Professor of Architectural Engineering Director of Architectural Engineering Director of Environmental Engineering
Jialing Xiang
Professor of Biology Chair of Biology Graduate Affairs Committee
Patrick Corrigan
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Jeremy Hajek
Industry Associate Professor, Information Technology and Management Graduate and Undergraduate Advisor
Britt Freeman
Professor, Food Science and Nutrition Chair, Department of Food Science and Nutrition Director, Center for Nutrition Research
Philip Troyk
Executive Director, Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering Professor of Biomedical Engineering Robert A. Pritzker Endowed Chair in Engineering Affiliate Professor, Stuart School of Business
Antony Wood
Studio Professor